Democratic Cities Stop Reporting Crime Stats To FBI

Keep Voting Democrat Until You Are  A Victim of Crime - Then, Maybe You Will Learn

The Biden administration's statisticians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have painted a rosy economic picture for the job market. Yet, voters know damn well the economy is in a persistent inflation storm sparked by Bidenomics. 

That's why President Biden's reelection odds are sinking by the month. The most recent BLS jobs report shows just how absurd these reports get by the month, and there is no shame by the gov't statisticians as working poor Americans struggle to pay rent and put food on the table. 

Context about the political BLS is crucial to understanding that data massaging doesn't stop there. The White House has recently unleashed its propaganda cannons, claiming nationwide crime has plunged to a half-century low. 

The problem with this narrative is that it's at odds with imploding progressive cities that do not uphold law and order and fail to arrest and prosecute criminals. Plus, on top of this all, Democrats have flooded the nation with ten million illegal aliens.

40% of local law enforcement agencies are no longer transmitting their information to the national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) database.